Islamic Economics and Islamic Finance

Mai 14, 2012 in Panels von admin

Islamic Economics promised to offer an alternative to capitalism and communism. While the results of establishing an Islamic national economy are not convincing, industries which are offering Islamic products, like halal food or Islamic financial services, are flourishing on a global scale. These products obviously serve to define the Islamic identities of their consumers. Against the background of the global financial and economic crisis it might be asked if these products present a more ethical way to do business or if it is just a marketing strategy to address pious Muslim customers.

Paper presenters dealing with topics of Islamic economic theory, Islamic finance, halal food industry and trade, Islamic clothes, Islamic tourism, etc. are invited to participate in this panel.

Organized by: Heiko Schuß, University of Erlangen

Please send your abstracts until 4. June 2012 to: Dr. Heiko Schuß, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg,