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August 15, 2012 in Allgemein von admin

A.1. Islamic Finance and Islamic Economics  (1)

Chair: Heiko Schuß (Erlangen)

-          Stephanie Müssig (Erlangen): Do Islamic Norms Influence the Economic Behaviour of  Muslims?

-          Frauke Demuth (München): Analysing the Ethical Gap in Islamic Finance and its Possible Causes

-          Ahmed Elhassab (Bayreuth): Sudanese Islamic Banking and Finance: Theoretical Foundation and Practice


A.2. Religion and Politics in Iran

Chair: Özen Sarikurt

-          Ali Granmayeh (London): Iran and its Neighbours: Uneasy Co-operation – Potential Confrontation

-          Arash Sarkohi (Berlin): Iranian Religious Reformers` Concept of „Religious Democracy“

-          Arash Sarkohi (Berlin): Ahmadinejad and the „Iranian Islam“ – Which Way Goes the Islamic Republic?

-          Shahrokh Raei (Göttingen): Wie ein Sufi-Orden sich spaltet. Die heutige Lage der Khâksâr-Derwische im Iran


A.3. Imagining Europe with or without Muslims

Chair: Jörn Thielmann (Erlangen)

-       Bekim Agai (Bonn): Travel Logs of Ottoman Travelers to Europe

- Mieste Hotopp-Riecke (Magdeburg): Serenissimo Muradun Gerey. The image of Muslims in elite-discourses of Prussia and Saxony (16.-18. cc.)

- Egdunas Racius (Kaunas): Islam as Part of European Heritage: The Example of Muslim Communities of the North-Eastern Corner of the Continent

- Riem Spielhaus: (Kopenhagen): Thinking Europe from within – The Charter of the Muslims of Europe

A.4. Sociopolitical Transformation in view of Web 2.0 Communication
Chair: Thomas Demmelhuber (Hildesheim) / Georg Glasze (Erlangen)

- Christian Wolff (Erlangen): De-Formalize the Public Sphere – Articulation, Aggregation, Dissemination and Cohesion within the Context of Web 2.0

- Christian Bittner (Erlangen): New maps by new mappers – internet cartography in the Middle East Conflict

- Solomiya Zinko (Odessa): Evolution of Hacktivism: The Case of the Syrian Electronic Army

A. 5. Arab Youth from Engagement to Inclusion  (1)

Chair: Oliver Schlumberger (Tübingen)

-         Nadine Sika (Kairo) From Tahrir to Military Rule: Youth Contention and Power Struggle in Egypt

-         Somaia Metwalli El Sayed (Kairo): Social Movements Formalization in Post-Revolutionary Societies. A Comperative Study between 6th April Youth Movement in Egypt and Social Movements in East Europe Countries

-         Sina Birkholz (Kairo): The Egyptian Revolution – Breakdown of the Patriarchal Bargain?


A.6. The MENA Region and its International Economic Relations

Chair: Markus Loewe (Bonn)?

-         Juliane Brach (Bremen): Strengthening Innovation in theMediterranean Region –

-         Towards a Renewed Euro-Med Partnership

-         Stephan Haid (Hamburg): Energy from the Desert / Knowledge for the Desert – A euromediterranean Partnership

-         Sarah Ruth Sippel (Leipzig): Arab-Australian Land Deals: Food Security for the Gulf?