Arab Spring: Background, Aims, and Constraints

May 14, 2012 in Panels by admin

Politicians in both the west and the east have been surprised by the Arab Spring; few could have predicted it. The results of this process of transformation have set new standards in the relationships between ruler and people and between regional and international cooperation. The desired outcomes of the Arab Spring, the abolition of dictatorships and the creation of new democratic systems with social justice, have been met with internal, regional and international obstacles.
In this panel the opportunity will be given to discuss the following topics:

▪   Background of the Arab Spring

▪   Targets of the Arabic Revolutions

▪   Internal, regional and international obstacles

▪   Dictatorships in the Arab World

▪   Democracy and human rights

▪   Political players in the Middle East

▪   Political Islam

▪   Arab Spring and the International Community

Organisator: Fawzy Naji, Berlin

Please send your abstracts until 4.6.2012 to Dr. Fawzy Naji (