Armed Groups and the Arab Spring: Challenges and Opportunities

May 14, 2012 in Panels by admin

As the Arab Spring triggered unprecedented regional events, the majority of the subsequent intellectual and political discourse has chosen to focus on post-revolution institutional and governance issues. While such discussions are critical for ensuring the ‘success’ of the revolution, it ignores key regional (power) stakeholders, namely, armed (non-state) groups. With changing alliances, rising Islamists and fragile state institutions, this panel explores the future of armed groups in a tumultuous Middle East. The panel will specifically focus on how regional events have (or promise to) impact strategies, organizational characteristics, structures and operational logic of armed non-state groups.

Organiser: Somdeep Sen, PhD Fellow, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen

Please send your abstracts until 4. June 2012 to: Somdeep Sen,; or: