Conceptions of Gender in Turkey and the Turkish Diaspora

May 14, 2012 in Panels by admin

Languages: English or German

The panel examines the social construction of gender in Turkey and the Turkish Diaspora. Considering the various social, economic, and political changes that have been taking place in recent years—as for instance the rise of a political Islam, the expansion of consumer culture, or the adoption of new laws and regulations as regards the status of women in society—it can be assumed that common conceptions of gender have been changing as well. Our session aims to explore these changes not only in a Turkish, but also in a European context. We are particularly interested in questions like: How do men and women negotiate gender identities in everyday life? Do cultural globalization processes and social change foster the emergence of new concepts of masculinity and femininity? Do particularly young people challenge traditional morality or do they hold on to dominant concepts of gender identity?

Please send your abstracts (300 words) toCarina Großer-Kaya, Universität Leipzig: and Pierre Hecker, Universität Marburg: