Migration, mobility or movements: Ways of people, ideas and goods around the Mediterranean Sea

May 14, 2012 in Panels by admin

The increasing movement of people, ideas and goods around the globe is one of the most defining attributes of the globalized world. This is most notably relevant for the Mediterranean region, due to its geographical position, and function as a bridge between wealthy Europe, and the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

Concepts like migration and integration seem to focus mainly on linear and one-dimensional processes of peoples’ movements and victimize often the actors. Mobility is a more appropriate term to discuss recent movements with its complex and multidimensional effects.

This panel focuses on the mobility of people, ideas and goods from different scientific approaches. Case studies and ethnographic accounts are welcome, as are contributions from any other field as well.

Organiser: Ines Braune, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Marburg

Please send your abstracts until 4. June 2012 to: ines.braune@uni-marburg.de